Welcome to your LawNet Google Email Account!

As part of the Google Apps for Education program, all students receive a brand new shiny LawNet Google account!

Now that you have a LawNet Google Email account, it's time to make use of your Email, Calendar, and all the other new apps you'll be working with! Use this site as a guide during your first days and throughout the transition. 

Google+ - You can share posts, discuss topics, follow and create trends to all members of the UC Irvine Lawnet Google community! For more information, click here!

Google Drive
 You can create Google Docs, store 30+ other file types, then open and share files from any device! For instructions on how to use Google Drive click here

NEW CHANGES! Undo Send Email - Accidentally sent an email to someone? No worries! You can enable the Undo Send Email to recover any sent emails! Click here for more information!

Updated Tips And Tricks -
 More Features! More tips to streamline your Lawnet Google Email Account!

Forward Email to External Address - You can forward your LawNet Google email to any external address. For instructions, click here!

2-Step Verification -  You can add an extra layer of security to your Google Lawnet account by entering a verification code in addition to your username and password, when signing in to your account! For instructions on how to enable 2-step verification click here 

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